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Bound Brook, NJ is a beautiful borough in Somerset County located along the Raritan River. The community prides itself on its diversity. We also pride ourselves in taking care of one another well. That said, one way that families are choosing to take care of each other is to pre-plan their own personal final arrangements. In fact, here at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home, we find ourselves assisting more and more Bound Brook residents with pre-planning, future burial/cremation options, and specific post-death details here at our respected funeral home.

Now, we recognize that this concept may seem a bit odd: detailing your own funeral options. But, in truth, doing so is no different than the other types of planning we do for big-event moments in our lives:

  • Birth announcements and gender reveal gatherings  
  • Weddings specifications 
  • Birthday party particulars 
  • Major travel excursions 
  • Baptisms
  • Baby showers 
  • Adoption proceedings and celebrations 

You see, all big life events are structured within some type of arrangement—a plan. You choose the where and the who. You announce the why and select the décor. You invite appropriate guests and request gifts or donations.

Pre-planning your own final arrangements is no different.

Be this as it may, some still wait until their golden years or until they are very sick to begin arranging for their after-death care. As we always advise, however; do not need to wait until you are in your last stage of life, or ailing, to create this gift of mercy for your loved ones.

So, have you considered this option for your future? Do you have any reservations regarding this compassionate option? Often times, people imagine preplanning their funeral to feel awkward or morbid; know that it isn’t. Preplanning is a relatively quick process and is designed to give you control over your future in the same way planning any life event does. 

The staff here at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home located in North Plainfield, near Bound Brook, would love to meet with you and discuss your options and preferences. For now, let’s review together the why behind preplanning…

Reduced stress for you and for your family

Pre-planning your own final arrangements is, first and foremost, a gift to your family. You see, lack of planning on your behalf easily leads to family distress, anxiety, and quarrels. Think about it: how will the members of your family fare immediately following your passing? Most likely, they all have (at least slightly) dissimilar views of spirituality, appropriate grieving, views on budget, etc. Exploring final services options in advance is a valuable step toward developing a solid plan so your loved ones do not have to.

Easing the burden for your loved ones

Beyond the strain and grief of losing someone they love; the burden of final planning is heavy—especially for those in shock and overcome with sadness. When you passed, it will be quite trying for your survivors to keep a clear mind and make efficient decisions. Often, the bereaved over-spend in an effort to compensate for their inner heartache and to honor the life of the deceased. Pre-planning guards your loved ones against overspending and planning when they just do not have the emotional stamina.

Discovering ALL your options for funeral home arrangements and cremations/burials in Bound Brook 

Many are unfamiliar with the selection of bereavement services there are right around them. During your pre-planning meetings here at Scarpa-Las Rosas, you will have the opportunity to consider your preferences through the filter of your spiritual beliefs, family and cultural traditions, your personal wishes, and the financial requirements. You will have the option to pre-pay, partial pay, or designate a payment method once you have passed away.

What to expect from Scarpa Las-Rosas Funeral Home

Years of experience have made Scarpa-Las Rosas an important and leading provider for final arrangements and healing experiences in NJ and NY. Our unbeatable staff members have the desire to serve the community during the bereavement process. We will lessen your load and navigate the details of your loved one’s final arrangements with care, competence, and empathy. Our commitment is to provide for you the time and freedom to focus on what’s most essential: commemoration, mourning, and taking care of your family. We offer you memorable and unique funeral experiences for your passed loved one, grief support and resources, compassion and expertise, and the sophisticated managing of all details—to include burial sites and cremation options—during our time spent together. We strive for excellence, high-quality services, and notable, considerate care.

We urge you to consider this option for your future. If you have any reservations regarding this pre-planning, our funeral home, or burial and cremation services, let’s discuss these together! Often, people imagine pre-planning their funeral to feel uncomfortable and melancholic. It is neither of these things. Pre-planning is a quick process and is designed to give you control over your future in the same way planning any event (wedding, baptism, baby shower, etc.) does.

Exploring final arrangement options in Bound Brook, NJ ahead of time will relieve your family of avoidable anxiety during their time of emotional need, as well as grant you the opportunity to make your own choices regarding your final wishes. Please give Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home a call at 908-756-2693 or come see us at 22 Craig Place, North Plainfield, NJ 07060. We look forward to working with you.

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