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Funeral and Cremation Arrangement in Dunellen, NJ

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Here at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home located just a few minutes down the road from The Drake House Museum and a few miles Northeast of Dunellen, NJ, we focus on excellence, compassion, and skillful organization. Our experience in the death care industry over the last several decades has created in us an intimate familiarity with loss and its nuances. For those in Dunellen, NJ looking for a funeral home and/or cremations services for their passed loved one—our kindhearted team is here for you.

Arranging final preparations for a recently passed loved one is difficult, to say the least. Even under the best of circumstances and most foreseen situations, losing a loved one is quite painful. And, during times of loss and intense grieving, clear judgment and sound decision-making fail us all.

Know, first and foremost, it is okay not to know the steps to take in order to best care for your loved one’s final arrangements. It is perfectly normal to feel unfamiliar in this arena. We will walk you through this. Let’s go over the proper steps to take when making arrangements to help familiarize you.

Step #1: Picking a funeral home and cremation services location near Dunellen

This sounds overwhelming, but it does not have to be. First—did your loved one have a pre-plan in place? If so, coordinating can be as easy as conceding to the deceased’s pre-plan. If not, hop online and look in your general area for a funeral home with a well-established name and reputation, a well-done website, the services you want (cremation, repatriation, religious funeral options, etc.), an extensive history in the industry (at least 10 years), and a good reputation. Make a few phone calls, take some notes, and compare.

Step #2: Meet with funeral home directors 

If you are able, and there is not a pre-plan in place, commit to meeting with 2-3 funeral directors. This will allow you to meet the person who will possibly be responsible for creating a notable tribute to your loved one. It is in this face-to-face meeting that you will know for sure who makes you feel most at ease, most cared for, most assured of your decision. Remember: your gut feelings are a great guide in this area.

Step #3: Discuss options and costs 

Discussing costs is often uncomfortable for the bereaved. If your loved one had a pre-plan, this part will be much simpler. If you need to navigate a tight budget, do not hesitate to inform our staff. Know that it is our honor to help create the best commemoration we can within your financial parameters.

Step #4: Keep in close communication with your key family members

Remember that everyone handles grief differently and the close family members may have strong opinions regarding what they see to be best for your loved one. Together, the deceased’s next-of-kin can gather here with us at Scarpa-Las Rosas to hammer-out details, make compromises, and forge solutions together. We know that all affected want desperately to honor your loved one—we will assist you in navigating that.

What you can expect from the team at Scarpa-Las Rosas

At Scarpa-Las Rosas, we strive for excellence, providing a variety of services, and noteworthy and compassionate care. When you choose Scarpa-Las Rosas, you are guaranteed:

An age-old tradition: We see honoring the deceased is an integral part of human civilization; paying respects, joining together in remembrance, and seeking the beginnings of closure. Gatherings can be held here or at a place of worship, personal home, etc. 

Openness: We are proud to be part of a diverse community. Regardless of your loved one’s age, race, orientation, religious affiliation, or creed—you are welcome at Scarpa-Las Rosas. Our team is skilled in providing services of all kinds. Honoring your loved one in a way fitting for him/her is our focus. 

Local network: Our relationship with local cemeteries is quite strong—this will aid us in assisting you. 

Variety of services: The team here at Scarpa-Las Rosas wants to offer you more than your run-of-the-mill services. We offer:

  • Cremations
  • Direct cremations
  • Traditional funeral
  • Direct funeral
  • Burial arrangements and plot locations
  • Casket options
  • Urn options
  • Culturally and spiritually sensitive arrangements
  • Visitation and ceremony arrangements
  • 24-hour response assistance
  • Repatriation
  • Pre-plan arrangements
  • Assistance with Last Will
  • Veterans funeral services
  • Grief support and resources

It is a sensitive matter to honor your loved one in the best way while balancing their wishes, budgets, family ties, and grief. Don’t do it alone. The staff of Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home can assist you with arrangements, cremation and/or burial services, and final disposition options. It would be our honor to work with you and walk with you through this. Please give us a call at (908) 756.2693 or visit us at 22 Craig Place North Plainfield, NJ 07060.

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