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How to Find a Funeral Home in Middlesex, NJ

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Located in Somerset County, Middlesex, NJ is an amazing city in which to live. At Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home, we feel honored to serve our neighbors and friends during grievous times. We also take pride in assisting residents here with pre-planning for their futures.

We ask you this: when contemplating your personal after-death care, is your family clear on your preferences? Strange question, perhaps. But, the truth is that more and more people are choosing to pre-plan for the disposition of their bodies, the funeral home location, the ceremony details, and burial or cremation specifications.

It is helpful to enter into this discussion with a funeral director in your area. Further, understand that there are very few services you are required to have. Here at Scarpa-Las Rosas, we find that few residents realize just how much say they have and how many options they can choose or not choose for themselves or their loved ones.

Whether you decide on a direct cremation (no visitation, no ceremony), a traditional body burial with traditional funeral arrangements, or you opt to donate your body to scientific studies, please know that the choice really is yours, as there are minimal legal requirements country-wide.

So, let’s start over again. If you are in the beginning stages of formulating a pre-plan, we would love to assist you here at Scarpa-Las Rosas. Start by clearing your mind of anything you have previously believed you had to include—planning will go much more quickly and smoothly.

Let’s begin.

What is required by law at death here in Middlesex and with the chosen funeral home/cremations provider? 

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that there are only three items of requirement for you or your loved one, post-death.

1. A completed and filed death certificate

The doctor, or medical examiner or coroner, must sign the certificate and attest to the medical cause of death. 

2. A permit to transport the body and/or cremation or burial

This is commonly referred to as a “burial-transit permit.” Basically, this states that death certificate has been properly filed and the body may be transported to a crematory or cemetery. A growing number of states are now requiring a cremation-specific permit.

3. The remains must be buried, cremated, or donated to an anatomical/scientific program within a “reasonable” length of time

Unless there is an extraordinary circumstance, these rules pose no issues for families who want to coordinate a visitation, viewing, funeral, or gathering with the body present.

Why pre-plan? 

Contrary to some beliefs, planning for your future final arrangements is not a morbid experience. Planning is a gift; a gift given in three different ways:

- Peace of mind for yourself: knowing that your funeral arrangements are set up and out of the way allows you to move forward with your life knowing that your wishes are cataloged and will be carried out to a “T.” This means that even if your family wants to make a change to your arrangements after you pass, they can not. This also means that the funeral home you choose—and we hope you entrust us here at Scarpa-Las Rosas—must adhere strictly to your specifications. 

- Lifting the burden from your family and loved ones: when you pass away, your loved ones will, inevitably, be devastated. It’s indescribably difficult to plan, organize, coordinate with family and the funeral director, and make difficult financial decisions while grieving. Ask anyone who’s experienced funeral arrangements that have been pre-planned by the deceased; it is simpler. There are virtually no decisions to be made—only a plan to follow, wishes to honor, and the freedom to grieve and mourn and take care of the family.

- Pre-payment: if you choose to pre-pay for your future arrangements, these funds are locked-in. your passing can happen next year or 40 years down the road—your payments are grandfathered into place.

How to plan for your future in Middlesex, NJ

Planning for your future final arrangements is not a lengthy process. It is not overwhelming. And, you can make changes and amendments at any time. Our considerate staff is highly skilled in walking you through this process. Here’s how we will plan together:

Discuss and outline your wants: 

  • Physical disposition of your bodily remains (burial, cremation, donation to science, etc.
  • Religious preferences (if any) 
  • Set expense “cap” 
  • Pre-payment options 
  • Ceremony type: visitations, viewing, wake, traditional funeral, celebration-of-life, legacy dinner gathering, etc. 
  • Casket options, urn options
  • Burial or mausoleum plot 
  • Guests and participants 
  • Will 
  • Donations in your name to a charity

Annotate what you do not want: 

  • Particular individuals you prefer not to be present 
  • Certain colors, practices, themes, or “vibes”

If you have any questions for us regarding pre-planning, cremations, burials, our funeral home facility, grief support, or our services, we are happy to assist you. We here at Scarpa-Las Rosas want you to know that we understand the complexities of organizing after-death services fitting to honor your life and legacy and we will make planning for your future smooth and rewarding. Please call us at your soonest convenience at 908-756-2693. Or, come see us at 22 Craig Place, North Plainfield, NJ 07060.

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