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From our Quaker roots to our modern-day diversity, Plainfield, NJ is home to an incredible, tightly-knit community. During times of grief, our residents lean heavily on neighbors and local businesses for support and guidance. For those looking for funeral home and/or cremation services here in Plainfield, NJ, look to Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home. At Scarpa Las Rosas, we lead with empathy. Our experience in the death care industry over the last several decades has created in us an intimate familiarity with loss and all its nuances. Our staff is here for you.

We fully understand that making final arrangements for the loss of a loved one is a difficult process, even under the very best of circumstances. During times of loss and grief, discernment escapes most everyone. To be honest, most feel incapable of planning their deceased loved one’s services in the days immediately following the death

Now, you may not know the first steps to take in order to best care for your loved one’s arrangements. That’s ok. Give yourself grace and release yourself from needing to know what to do. We will walk you through this.

Step #1: Selecting a funeral home

Choosing the right funeral home can be as easy as referring to the deceased’s pre-plan (if he/she had one) or going with your gut. Jump online and look in your area for a funeral home with a well-established website, the services you want (cremation, repatriation, religious funeral options, etc.), a long history in the industry (at least 10 years), and a good reputation. If you lean toward a non-traditional approach, we would be honored to assist you with a celebration-of-life gathering wherever you see fit: at home, at church, in the Feltville Historic District, or here in our funeral home.

Step #2: Meet with funeral directors 

If you’re up for it and there is not a pre-plan in place already, commit to meeting with 2-3 funeral directors. This will allow you to meet the man or woman who will potentially be responsible for creating a memorable tribute for your loved one. It is in this face-to-face meeting that you will know for certain who you feel most at ease with. Your gut instincts are a great guide in this area.

Step #3: Discuss options and costs 

This is probably the most uncomfortable aspect of final arrangements—costs. If your loved one had a pre-plan, this part will be much easier. Please know that—if they did not—we will help guide your without pressure in the way that is best for your budget and is life-honoring for the deceased.

What we offer here at Scarpa Las-Rosas Funeral Home to the community of Plainfield, NJ

We strive to be more than just your average funeral home—we strive for excellence, providing a variety of services, and noteworthy and compassionate care. Here are some of our fine services:

  • Traditional funeral arrangements: honoring the deceased with a funeral is an integral part of human culture; paying respects, joining together in remembrance, and seeking the beginnings of closure. Gatherings can be held here or at a place of worship, personal home, etc. 
  • Cemetery burial: human burial is an ancient part of human practice. We will help you select the right casket for your loved one, make burial plans, select a cemetery and burial plot, and choose a gravestone or marker and arrange for inscription. Our relationship with local cemeteries is quite strong—this will aid us in this process. 
  • Cremations: this option refers to the way in which you or your loved one has opted to deal with the physical remains. Cremation is the burning of the physical remains and pulverization of the bones fragments into ashes. This can absolutely be combined with any other services.
  • Direct cremations: this is also known as “immediate cremation.” This excludes any visitation, funeral, or ceremony. 
  • Visitation and ceremony arrangements: we can coordinate a wake, visitation, celebration-of-life ceremonies, etc. This is about you, your loved one, and your family. 
  • 24/7 response assistance: need us immediately? We are here for you at any hour of the day. 
  • Repatriation: we have over 100 years of experience in repatriation. All aspects of the repatriation are handled by our staff, so the family has no burdens here or at home.
  • Pre-plan arrangements: we encourage those interested in easing the burden of final arrangements off of their survivors to create a pre-plan. This outlines your wishes, includes payment or partial payment (if pre-payment is desired), and makes coordinating your after-death care seamless for those you love. Be in control of all your end-of-life decisions through funeral pre-planning with us. Remember: making arrangements for your final goodbyes is a way you can comfort your family when they first confront life without you.
  • Veterans funeral services: we want to help you to honor your Veteran the way he or she honored all of us. We offer Full Military Honors, 7-Person Detail, or a Standard Honors Team Detail for eligible veterans.

Caring for your loved one after they’ve passed away is an incredibly sensitive matter. The staff here at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home understands this, fully. We look forward to working with you and walking with you through this. Please give us a call at (908) 756.2693 us or visit us at 22 Craig Place North Plainfield, NJ 07060. 

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