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Scotch Plains, NJ is home to a diverse and tightly-knit community in Somerset County, just Northwest of Plainfield. During times of grief, our residents lean heavily on one another and the local businesses nearby for help and direction. That said, we here at Scarpa Las-Rosas Funeral Home are very proud to serve our neighbors in this incredible community during life’s most difficult dealings: the loss of a loved one.

The loss of your loved one—unexpected or foreseen—is excruciating, taxing, and full of challenging tasks for the survivors and next-of-kin. In addition to your family and close friends who are standing by you through uniquely difficult seasons, the caring and qualified staff here at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home near Scotch Plains are also here to support you with decisions regarding cremations, burial options, cemeteries, celebrations, and more.

This time is filled with difficult choices and navigating familial disagreements (unfortunately common when the wishes of the deceased are unknown), financial restrictions, etc. When you find yourself facing these arrangements and seemingly never-ending details, Scarpa Las-Rosas is here for you.

We want to encourage you through this process and provide you relief from the tedious tasks that are inherent to dealing with final arrangements. Our compassionate team has the experience and wherewithal to support the members of this community when grief is new and heavy. We have the experience and empathy necessary to guide you.

What you can expect from Scarpa Las-Rosas Funeral Home

Decades of experience have made Scarpa-Las Rosas a vital provider for final arrangements and healing experiences in NJ and NY. Our unbeatable staff members possess the desire to serve people during one of Life’s most trying seasons. We want you to know our mission is to lessen your load and handle the details of your loved one’s final arrangements with delicacy and proficiency. Our commitment is to lighten your load, so you can focus on what’s most imperative: remembrance, mourning, and taking care of your loved ones. We will offer you memorable and unique funeral experiences for your passed loved one, grief support, kindness and expertise, and the sophisticated managing of all details during our time spent together. We strive for excellence, variety of services, and noteworthy and compassionate care.

Choosing an excellent funeral home and cremations provider in Scotch Plains

There are many funeral homes from which you can choose throughout NJ and NY. We know this. And, we know that not every funeral home is the right fit for each individual and their family. When you choose Scarpa-Las Rosas, you are guaranteed:

An age-old tradition: We view honoring the deceased as an integral part of human civilization; paying respects, joining together in commemoration, and seeking the beginnings of closure. Gatherings can be held here or at a place of worship, personal home, etc. 

Openness: We are proud to be part of a diverse community. Regardless of your loved one’s age, race, orientation, religious affiliation, gender, or creed—you are welcome at Scarpa-Las Rosas. Our team is skilled in providing services of all kinds. Honoring your loved one in a way fit for him/her is our focus. 

Local network: Our relationship with local cemeteries is quite strong—this will aid us in assisting you. 

Variety of services: The team here at Scarpa-Las Rosas wants to offer you more than your run-of-the-mill services. We offer: 

  • Cremations 
  • Direct cremations 
  • Traditional funerals 
  • Direct funerals 
  • Burial arrangements and plot locations
  • Casket options 
  • Urn options 
  • Culturally and spiritually sensitive arrangements
  • Visitation and ceremony arrangements 
  • 24-hour response assistance 
  • Repatriation 
  • Pre-plan arrangements 
  • Assistance with Last Will 
  • Veterans funeral services 
  • Grief support and resources 

Grief support designed with you in mind

In addition to the bereavement services we provide, we know that grief support is an ongoing necessity. After the dispositioning of the remains and the ceremonial closure—there is a wave of emotions to traverse as you move through the grief process. Managing your grief and practicing self-care is an important step in moving forward. Scarpa-Las Rosas offers these resources:

- Interactive grief website including discussion boards, articles, book suggestions, and advice 

- GriefNet and kidsaid.com 

- Transition and aging support

- Grief related articles and information 

- Resources for life-threatening illnesses 

- Connections and recommendations to grief counseling in the area

Loss of a loved one is a uniquely painful experience and, with it, comes a whole host of unfamiliar stressors and obligations regarding funeral homes, cremations, burial options, etc. Thankfully, here in Watchung, you have friends at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home. Our thoughtful and capable staff would feel privileged to join with you and your family and walk you through the motions of commemorating your loved one. We are here for you any time, day or night; do not hesitate to call us at (908) 756.2693 or visit us at 22 Craig Place North Plainfield, NJ 07060.

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