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South Plainfield, NJ is an ideal spot to retire. There is something for everyone: museums (like The Drake House Museum—est. 1746), parks for hiking and picnicking (like our lovely Green Brook Park), and gardens (like the Plainfield Garden Club—one of the few Shakespeare gardens in the country).

Often times, retirement brings with it some uncomfortable future planning. Unfortunately, some wait until their golden years or until there’s been a serious medical diagnosis to begin planning their final arrangements. In truth, planning at any age is appropriate. Choosing specifics, such as the type of celebration you want here in South Plainfield or nearby, the funeral home, and burial or cremation options grants you the opportunity to make your own choices regarding your final wishes. And, exploring final arrangement options ahead of time relieves your family of avoidable anxiety during their time of mourning.

Have you considered pre-planning for your future? Often times, people imagine preplanning their funeral to feel awkward or morbid; know that it isn’t. Preplanning is a relatively quick process and is designed to give you control over your future in the same way planning any event does.

The staff here at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home in South Plainfield would be honored to meet with you and discuss your options. For now, let’s review the why behind preplanning…

Reduced stress

This is for both your family members and for yourself. Preplanning your own final arrangements is, first, a gift to your family. You see, lack of planning easily leads to familial distress, anxiety, and arguments. Do you have an inkling as to how your family will fare in the event of your passing? Think about it. Likely, they all have (at least slightly) different views of spirituality, proper mourning, how to spend money, etc. Exploring final services options in advance is an advantageous step toward developing a solid plan so your loved ones do not have to.

Easing the burden for your family

Beyond the stress and grief of losing someone they love, the burden of final planning is great—especially for those in shock and wrought with grief. Know that when you’ve passed, it will be quite difficult for your survivors to keep a clear mind and make sound decisions. Often times, the bereaved over-spend in an effort to honor the life of the deceased. Preplanning guards your loved ones against this.

Discovering all your funeral and cremation service options in South Plainfield, NJ

Most are unfamiliar with the variety of bereavement services there are right at their fingertips. During our preplanning meetings, you will have the opportunity to consider your preferences through the filter of your spiritual beliefs, family and cultural traditions, your personal wishes, and the costs. You will have the option to pre-pay, partial pay, or designate a payment method once you have passed away.

Services offered at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home

Scarpa-Las Rosas offers so much more than just traditional funeral preparations. Take a look at what we offer our clients for preplans and loved one’s arrangements: 

- Traditional funeral arrangements: honoring the deceased with a funeral is an integral part of human culture; paying respects, joining together in remembrance, and seeking the beginnings of closure. Gatherings can be held here or at a place of worship, personal home, etc. 

- 24/7 response assistance: need us immediately? We are available whenever you need us. 

- Cemetery burial: human burial is an ancient part of human practice. We will help you select the right casket for your loved one, make burial plans, select a cemetery and burial plot, and choose a gravestone or marker and arrange for inscription. Our relationship with local cemeteries is quite strong—this will aid us in this process. 

- Cremations: this option refers to the way in which you or your loved one has opted to deal with the physical remains. Cremation is the burning of the physical remains and pulverization of the bones fragments into ashes. This can absolutely be combined with any other services.

- Direct cremations: this is also known as “immediate cremation.” This excludes any visitation, funeral, or ceremony. 

- Visitation and ceremony arrangements: we can coordinate a wake, visitation, celebration-of-life ceremonies, etc. This is about you, your loved one, and your family. 

- Repatriation: we have over 100 years of experience in repatriation. All aspects of the repatriation are handled by our staff, so the family has no burdens here or at home.

- Veterans funeral services: we want to help you to honor your Veteran the way he or she honored all of us. We offer Full Military Honors, 7-Person Detail, or a Standard Honors Team Detail for eligible veterans. 

We all want to do right by our loved ones and this includes honoring them with our final act of mercy: a preplan detailing the funeral home, burial and cremation decisions, etc. Our staff and highly qualified funeral director encourages those interested in lifting the burden of final arrangements from their next-of-kin to create a preplan. Come meet with the staff here at Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home at 22 Craig Place North Plainfield, NJ 07060 or call us at (908) 756-2693.

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