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The practice of seeking funeral homes offering cremations in Watchung, NJ is becoming more commonplace. In fact, this is true across the United States. Though, many religions and cultures have firm views regarding cremation. Some religions ban cremation, others mandate it, while others are flexible.

Part of making tough decisions regarding your or your family member’s after-death care is considering your spiritual disposition. Watchung is extremely diverse—culturally and religiously; we take great pride in this. This diversity brings an array of spiritual stances. And, our staff is able to provide general information regarding various religious views in after-death care; namely, cremation.

If cremation is something you want to explore here in Somerset County, Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home is located just down the road from you. Our team of kind professionals can help you make tough decisions with grace and encouragement.

Keep reading to review the major religions’ takes on cremation:

Baptist (Christian denomination) 

For members of the Baptist faith, there is no ban on cremation and it may take place before or after funeral services.


Buddhism embraces cremation. Monks may be present at the crematorium and lead chanting (if no monks are present, family members may choose to lead). The cremated remains are permitted to be kept by the family and enshrined in a columbarium, scattered at sea, or placed in an urn garden.

Anglican/Episcopalian (Christian denomination)

Cremation is acceptable and will not interfere with holding a conventional Episcopal funeral.


Customarily, the Catholic Church has not always embraced cremation as an option for its members. These days, though, it is satisfactory for a Catholic person to be cremated. Though, the body should first be presented for the Funeral Mass before cremation and the ashes should be buried in the ground/entombed instead of scattered.

Eastern Orthodox

Cremation is forbidden in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Lutheran (Christian denomination)

Cremation is suitable for Lutherans and does not interfere with a traditional Lutheran funeral.


Cremation is not prohibited for Mormons; however, it is not encouraged. In fact, the Church prefers remains to be buried rather than cremated.


Cremation is acceptable for Methodists. It does not interfere with holding a customary Methodist funeral.

Presbyterian (Christian denomination)

Though there is no specific directive against cremation, Presbyterians usually do not support this practice; instead, they prefer the body remain intact and buried in the ground.

Jewish Orthodox 

Cremation is not acceptable. The body should be buried fully intact in the ground.

Jewish Reform

Cremation has become a common practice and is considered an acceptable after-death option for the remains.

What does Scarpa-Las Rosas Funeral Home offer to the community of Watchung, NJ? 

Our team here at Scarpa-Las Rosas is proud to offer a variety of death care services to anyone seeking to complete the final arrangements of a loved one or to pre-arrange their own. Read on for some brief descriptions of our services:

  • Traditional arrangements: honoring the deceased with a funeral is an integral part of human culture; paying respects, joining together in remembrance, and seeking the beginnings of closure. Gatherings can be held here or at a place of worship, personal home, etc.
  • 24/7 assistance: need us immediately? We are available whenever you need us.
  • Cemetery burial: human burial is an ancient part of human practice. We will help you select the right casket for your loved one, make burial plans, select a cemetery and burial plot, and choose a gravestone or marker and arrange for inscription. Our relationship with local cemeteries is quite strong—this will aid us in this process.
  • Cremations: this option refers to the way in which you or your loved one has opted to deal with the physical remains. Cremation is the burning of the physical remains and pulverization of the bones fragments into ashes. This can absolutely be combined with any other services.
  • Direct cremations: this is also known as “immediate cremation.” Direct cremation excludes any visitation, funeral, or ceremony.
  • Visitation and ceremony arrangements: we can coordinate a wake, visitation, celebration-of-life ceremonies, etc. After-death arrangements are about you, your loved one, and your family. We want to help you to honor the life and legacy in a way as unique as he/she was.
  • Repatriation: we have over 100 years of experience in repatriation. All aspects of the repatriation are handled by our staff, so the family has no burdens here or at home.
  • Veterans funeral services: we want to help you to honor your Veteran the way he or she honored all of us and our great country. We offer Full Military Honors, 7-Person Detail, or a Standard Honors Team Detail for eligible veterans.

If you live in Watchung, NJ or the nearby areas and have any questions for our staff regarding our funeral home and cremation services, we are happy to assist you. The professionals here at Scarpa-Las Rosas want you to know that we empathize with your loss and have the energy and compassion to get you through your difficult time. If cremation was part of your loved one’s wishes—or, if you would like to discuss this option for your own pre-plan—we will help guide you. Please call us at (908) 756-2693 or visit us at 22 Craig Place North Plainfield, NJ 07060.

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